Beautiful varieties of roses from Jackson Perkins and Bailey Nursery have been adding a brilliant array of hardy rose selection to Northern Gardens for the past fifteen years. Roses like a location in direct sunlight for a minimum of six hours per day. The soil should be well drained and have a large amount of organic matter added to it Glacier Gold compost.

The difference between a hybrid T rose and a shrub rose is that a shrub rose is usually grown on its own root stock, which makes the plant hardier and easier to grow than a hybrid T rose that has been grafted onto wild root stock. The reason Hybrid T’s are grown this way is because it allows the grafted part (top) of the plant to produce certain colored blooms, types of flowers, fragrances or whatever unique characteristic that has been breed into the plant variety to do it’s thing without having to struggle growing root systems. Therefore, Hybrid T’s require extra care throughout the growing season to ensure a healthy state.

Although rose bushes require more attention than other shrubs, their blooms add fragrance, color and beauty to any yard. Our friendly staff will assist you in selecting the perfect rose for your yard and will explain how to keep them blossoming beautifully all summer long. It is highly possible to cut more than forty rose blooms off one single bush during a growing season.

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